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Frequently asked questions.


Are you licensed and Insured?
Yes, Antonio Ceriello Electric has been licensed and insured for over 30 years.

What kind of electrical work do you do?
Antonio Ceriello Electric does work for residential, commercial, industrial buildings.

Would you be able to remove an electrical violation?
Yes, once we know what the violation is for, we can take a look at the problem and assess the situation to correct it.


What if I have an emergency after hours?
Antonio Ceriello Electric can help!, we have technicians available to come to your premises and check out the problem.

How many people work for your company?
We have over 18 employees working for our company. Many of our employees have been with our company for over 10 years.

What makes your company different from other electrical companies?
Antonio Ceriello Electric is family owned and operated. President Antonio Ceriello and Vice President Pasquale Ceriello live in the neighborhood their office resides in and where they do work in. Antonio Ceriello Electric treats each employee like a part of their family and provides every costumer with the best service possible and our business was built on steady customers and word of mouth.

When I call for service will I get to speak to an operator or do I have to leave a message and get a call back?
Unlike most electrical contractors, during office hours, we have a scheduler who is always picking up the phone to talk to our customers and schedule work – no answering service or automated services.

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