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Prepare For Fall With An Electrical Checklist

As these beautiful fall days turn into dark and chilly evenings.

1. Spending more time outside in the evenings. Consider installing landscape lighting which would offer ambiance and added security. Do not use extension cords outside for a long term solution. Consider installing a heat lamps for added warmth and comfort.

2. Is your back up power in working order? In the case of upcoming winter storms. Now is the time to test your stand by generators, or to install a generator transfer switch for a portable generator.

3. Test your outlets to make sure they are operating correctly. As we start more outdoor projects, and start planning our holiday light instalations, we need our outdoor power more than ever. Test your GFCI outlets.

4. Make sure no tree branches are touching any of your power lines. In the case of a storm, branches could interfere with your power. Call the power company.

Also: Remember to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Antonio Ceriello Electric can fix any electrical problems — safely and quickly. Our team of electricians is on call to respond to any electrical emergency you may have. No matter your electrical need, call Ceriello's team of electricians in the Brooklyn area. We are here to serve you.

Call now to schedule service or an estimate for your new installation.

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