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Ways to go Green

Conserve Energy and Safe Money.

If you practice a little energy conservation, you’ll also practice a lot of wallet conservation. These tips are easy and things that anyone can use, so do not wait!

1. Change your light bulbs. Changing just one of the light bulbs in your home to a fluorescent light could make a serious impact on your energy consumption. Imagine what can happen if you change them all. CFL vs LED

2. Turn down the brightness of your screen to a reasonable setting (so you’re not straining your eyes to read the content, but it’s not blazing at full power).

3. Unplug devices (like tablets and phones) once they’re charged.

4. Use a power strip and use it to turn off all devices before you leave work for the day or before you go to bed.

5. Check if you can sign up for green power from your utility company. Also, conduct a quick energy audit of your home and replace electrical appliances with energy-efficient appliances.

I-210 Series
I-210 Series

I-210 Series

A five-year smart meter installation program that began in 2017. The technology will let customers integrate solar energy, and will offer real-time billing information based on actual energy use. The automated meters also will mean faster repairs during power outages, and enhance efficiency of the electric distribution system. 

New Technology Will Transform Every Aspect of the Customer Experience.

Smart meters coming to Con Edison territory: Read Company’s press release.

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