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Fall Electrical Safety Checklist:

Hundreds of Americans die in electricity-related accidents. Thousands more are badly hurt.

Antonio Ceriello Electric Inc. has provided over 3 decades of professional service.

We are a full service electrical company with our principal business being, commercial and residential wiring for new construction and renovation.

Antonio Ceriello Electric Inc. exists to provide our customers with the best service while producing the highest quality electrical installation possible. We deliver a level of service unparalleled in the industry. We provide the measure of customer satisfaction that builds lasting relationships with our clients. For us, exceeding customer expectations is more than a goal; it is our daily way of life.

To stay safe this fall,

Check your smoke detector.

First things first, check each smoke detector in your home. ...

Check your outlets

Test your current outdoor outlets or install new ones to make sure you are easily able to connect your leaf blower or holiday lights outside this fall or winter. You will want to fix or install these before the cold weather comes so check them and make arrangements soon!

Sweep away leaves.

Be careful with electric blankets.

Hundreds of Americans die in electricity-related accidents. Thousands more are badly hurt.

Many confident homeowners take the DIY electrical plunge thinking it can’t be that difficult to install wiring into outlets and breaker boxes. Although they may accomplish their goal of powering their home, that great feeling of “I did it all by myself!” is often short-lived and wrought with consequences, such as unsafe wiring, reduce property resale value and failure to pass regional and local electrical safety inspections. mchales /PA

10 electrical safety reminders to keep you and your family safe

  1. Never touch anything electrical with wet hands or while standing in water. Wear rubber shoes in wet areas. If you get a tingle or shock when touching a sink, tub, or other wet area, turn off the power at the main panel (if it’s safe) and immediately call an electrician.

  2. Don’t use frayed or broken cords or plug in anything with a missing prong.

  3. Cover unused outlets. Keep metal objects such as silverware away from outlets.

  4. Don’t overload sockets. Use a power board with a safety switch and only use one per wall outlet.

  5. When unplugging, don’t yank! Pull by the plug, not the cord.

  6. Don’t run cords under rugs or furniture. Also keep them away from pets that like to chew.

  7. Always clean the lint filter for your dryer. If an item says “do not put in dryer“, trust the warning!

  8. Test safety switches each year.

  9. Don’t climb near power lines.

  10. Never touch a downed power line or climb a utility pole.

Schedule an Inspection - using your list, contact the electrical professionals at Antonio Ceriello Electric to schedule a thorough and comprehensive inspection of your home's entire electrical system. Your electrician will be able to address any issues you've discovered as well as provide you with information on repairing anything you may have overlooked.

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